Dept expresses concern at lack of data


The Department of Health has warned that existing deficits in data collection and monitoring activities have “potentially serious consequences” for the achievement of Healthy Ireland, and say such deficits need to be urgently addressed, IMN has learned.



Hospitals set exclusion criteria


A number of hospitals have been using a set of exclusion criteria to decline certain dermatology referrals for at least a year, IMN has learned.



UHI could lead to tax cuts – Lynch



The Assistant Secretary General of the Department of Health has suggested that the introduction of universal health insurance (UHI) may lead to a cut in general taxation rates for the public.



Haddington Road pay scale consolidation


New consolidated pay scales have been set under the Haddington Road Agreement.



New National Clinical Lead for Mental Health appointed


Consultant psychiatrist Dr Margo Wrigley has been appointed as the HSE National Clinical Advisor and clinical programme group lead for  mental health, IMN has learned.



Dramatic turnaround in fortunes of IMO

The IMO has seen in increase in membership and recorded a small profit for 2013, according to their latest annual report.